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I absolutely love Jee and Tim. I haven’t known them very long (met them when they decided to hire me) and yet I feel like I’ve known them since forever! Being at their wedding felt like being at the wedding of two old, dear friends. From the moment Lynn and I got there, we felt like family. That’s exactly the kind of people Jee and Tim are.

Just hearing their pastor talk about them during the ceremony — as individuals, in their relationship and the kind of love they have for others… left me so encouraged.  I have no doubt that the kind of marriage they have and will continue to have is the kind of marriage I want for me and Tommy! Okay, enough gushing. On with the photos.

Jee and Tim married on a sunny summer day at Middle Ranch in Lake View Terrace. Everything went well; not even Carmaggedon could stop the festivities. Once again, I had the wonderful and awesome Lynn Chyi second shooting for me.

jee’s gift to tim!

jee reading tim’s note to her : )

after their first look, tim surprised jee with a little serenading from him and his boys!

the ladies watch from the sidelines : )

i LOVED the little bales of lavender lining the aisles! jee was so cute when she saw them!

this wedding had the most adorable children.

i love tim’s sly expression at seeing his bride walk up!

i am digging that gentleman’s turquoise tie. quite bold for an older asian man!

this was jee and tim’s first kiss together! cue the passion!

little did any of us know…. that the dark crusader would be one of the MCs for the night.

The floral patterned table runners were so adorable. Love it.


i think tim went away to a special place after having a piece of their wedding cheesecake.

check out this awesome shot Lynn took! (this was jee and tim’s reaction to a surprise dance their friends did for them)

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13 Aug 2011 — 2 Comments

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