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wendy and david met while attending undergrad at uc berkeley. i still laugh when i think about the night that changed their friendship forever (bumping it into awkward zone). david (innocently) took wendy to his favorite jogging area: a woodsy garden by campus. when wendy saw how romantic the whole situation was, she ran. literally. across the parking lot and back into the car. they didn’t speak very much after that, but thank God it eventually all worked out : ).

wendy and i actually know each other from high school, so it was such a pleasure being asked to photograph her and david. we hit up south pasadena and parts of downtown LA. i can’t wait for their wedding in mountain view next year!

you know me, any establishment with a resident cat is a must-go in my book.

wendy surprised david and framed an old photo of david’s grandmother for the shoot. i love vintage photos.

love this fun little piece of history in downtown LA!

of course we had to get the obligatory shot at angels knoll (from 500 days of summer).

eileen and daniel met when she was in the 7th grade. yes, you heard me — their love story is one that was 10 years in the making. they were part of the same youth group, and every year their church would hold a new year’s eve service. 10 years ago for new years eve, eileen gave daniel a very special cupcake she made. the rest is history.

eileen and daniel got married  at Wilshire United Methodist Church with a reception to follow at the same location and another reception right after that at the Pasadena Hilton. yep, a full day of festivities and my awesome second shooter Lynn Chyi  at my side.

check out eileen’s sassy reception dress on the left! as if one gorgeous dress wasn’t enough!

with such a full day of festivities, we didn’t have much time for portraits, but we squeezed in as many as we could :) .

how sweet are they!

loved this shot of eileen!

the first reception! didn’t stay too long to beat traffic, so i’m showing more from the 2nd reception.

there was a fun game of musical chairs to start off the reception; the twist: item-retrieval replaced the normal musical cue to sit down. you can imagine there was a lot of running!


some of the items did not enjoy being collected!

the last item to bring up to the stage was the groom’s 100-year old great-grandfather (?). i wasn’t sure he understood english, but he seemed to know he was part of a winning team!

the MCs had some married couples come up to give the couple a word of wisom…as well as model a kiss for them to imitate. some really took it to another level:

yummy sorbet for dessert!

i had so many beautiful shots from this engagement shoot at the best place ever: disneyland!  johnny and alexandria had their first date here, and had dates every week for months after that (season pass perks)! but while most others come for the rides, they come for the shows and ambiance.

it’s too bad i can’t show a lot of my favorites (out of respect to and at the request of the couple), in case you’re wondering why most of it is of alexandria and you don’t really get to see johnny’s face. i’m sure these will suffice!

I had a lovely time with mercy and eric at their engagement session up north at UC Davis (where they met!).

Since he’s a bio professor, eric loves plants! everywhere we went, he’d identify different kinds of plants. Mercy and i just just saw them all as “green leafy plant”, or maybe that’s just me.

It’s been a busy busy week of 2 portrait sessions and another one coming up this weekend. I have a sickening (and delightful) amount of photos to edit. For now I shall share with you these sneak peaks from yesterday’s shoot at disneyland….